Monday, May 7, 2012

182 Packs - quick note

Hey all, I want to thank everyone that has been taking part in the breaks!  I also thank all of those that have been spreading the word about the giveaways.

If you're spreading the word, please remember that NOTHING is required to participate!  You don't have to send Indians cards or money or even old wrappers.  Just sign up (read other posts for the links), pick your team(s)/player(s) and enjoy the ride.

The key is to check the link at the top of this page, as it shows the order in which people have made their choices.  Remember, order of selection matters.


  1. hey there...i totally missed this, so i'm late to the party. not sure i understand how this all works, but here's my stab at it:
    1. Jackie Robinson
    2. Mike Piazza (Dodgers only)
    3. Johnny Bench

    (to be fair - i made my choices before checking out the pack rips)

    did i do this right? i have to do anything else? besides read your blog sooner?

  2. hmmm...after reading rules again, it seems reds team person would get any johnny B before me...correct? if thats correct, and its highly unlikely there would be 2 benches, and so on...
    i guess i should increase my chances by trying for teams...
    please scratch my first player requests. i'll choose to hope for dupes on teams:
    1. yankees
    2. cardinals
    3. tigers

    hope i got it right this time. thanks for the contest !!

    1. Yeap, you got it right! I've got you down for the teams you picked. Good luck in the break! Thanks for reading along.

  3. thanks for including me in your fun break. it's gonna be a season to remember ! :)