Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a -STACK- of cards from BackStopcards

A little while ago, BackStopCards wrote me and asked if I would like some Indians cards.  Of course I would!  He said he'd send a "stack" my way.  In the meantime, I put together a stack to send to him in return.  As you may know, my supply of "extra" cards is pretty depleted these days.  After all, I held my "last" giveaway some time ago (though, I have done a couple since then), which pretty well emptied the Tribecards coffers.  I know that Marcus said a trade wasn't necessary, but I can already say with utmost confidence: My return stack isn't anywhere near the size of the "stack" he sent me.

As it turned out, his "stack" was actually THREE stacks.  There are a LOT of Tribers here!  There was no way I could scan them all, but I did take pictures of all the cards, then scanned in nine of them just to give you an idea as to what he sent.  Before I go any further: THANK YOU, Marcus!! Wow!! This was WAY more than I ever anticipated.

As you can see, there are Indians cards from a variety of years, brands, and styles!

There is a wide range of players, too.  Some are superstars. Some are Indians stars. Some are folks that faded into the history books.

I was amazed as I looked through cards I know very well from my collection and cards that I don't believe I've seen before at all!  There will certainly be some new members of the Tribecards family.

The Leaf Franco card below is the Canadian version.  The back has both English and French.  They are easy to spot because of the green leaf on the front.  I love the action shot of Fukudome.  The new Bowman cards are very nice - especially the GOLD ones.

I don't believe I have the "Great Gloves" card below. In fact, I don't recall seeing it before.  I included Barker because he threw a PERFECT GAME! And the Topps Stars Justice is way better in person. Haha!

I received a couple of the "Lemon" style cards.  I am a huge fan of team photo cards.  I know players come and go, but I like seeing the whole team pictured together.  The Bowman Chrome are very nice, too!  Excellent cards!

Thanks again to Marcus over at backstopcards.blogspot.com for some incredible Indians cards!!


  1. Wow ! What a Tribe stack, and they just knocked off Detroit and Chicago is losing badly !!

  2. "Lemon-style" is Pacific Legends. I opened a few packs of that back in my youth. :-)

    1. Haha, thanks for filling in the blank. I was, admittedly, too lazy to look at the back of the card while I was posting. Maybe "rushed" is a better word there. In any case, thanks!