Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday

The Tribecards Turfdiggers (much like the boys from the 'burgh) suffered their first loss of the season, falling to 3-1-0 after getting beaten by the other undefeated team, The Red Grange Halls.

The Turfdiggers scored 68.94 points this week.  The Halls scored 74.92.  The difference is just 5.98 points.  How big of a deal is that?  If the Turfdiggers had put in Cooley (Was - TE), they would currently hold the only undefeated seat in the league.  Cooley scored 7.85 points on Sunday.  Instead, the Turfdiggers held on to Hines Ward (Pit) (.70 points) and Santana Moss (Was) (.25 points).  The decision not to play Cooley was a tough one.  I figured Moss was going to be a no-brainer while Ward was a tougher decision.  I knew he would not get many touches since the Steelers were too busy running the ball (thus Mendenhall's great season thus far), but I figured he would get more since Big Ben would be heading up the next Steelers game.  It's a critical error that booted me out of the top spot.

Overall, the points separation is tight.  Only 11.11 points keep the Halls and Turfdiggers apart (well, and the fact that the Halls are undefeated).  When we look at the 3rd and 4th place battle, the Florida Vikings trail the East TN Roadkill by just 5.78 points.  The Vikings have a better record (coming UP to the same 3-1-0 record as the Turfdiggers), and thus hold the third place slot after Week Four.

I had planned to pick up Ben after the games on Sunday and forgot!  Instead, the Roadkill snagged him up.  Since I have Manning, I wasn't necessarily going to play Ben, butmainly keep anyone else from getting him. Ooops. Ah well.

Looking ahead, the Turfdiggers face the Vikings in Week 5.  Once again, we have a "one must fall" situation.  The Steelers have a BYE in Week 5, so this will be a nailbiter for the Turfdiggers.  According to the Yahoo! match-up, it is going to be a close game for the 'diggers and the Vikings.

Let's hope I can pull off a win!  Or did week four begin the annual descent into fantasy football oblivion?

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