Friday, October 8, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Tribecards

When I got home from work today, my daughter met me at the door with a "poster" she had made.  On the back, it says, "Cloudy with a chance of cards."  On the front? Well, as you can see, there are TRIBECARDS falling from the sky!!  My daughter sure knows how to put a smile on the face of her old man! (You will notice she even put my hair only on the sides of my head.  Thus, she also knows how to keep her old man humble!)


  1. Oh, I thought that was me there, for a moment. We must visit the same barber.

  2. That is most excellent!

    One of my charished portraits is one my daughter did for me in grade school, complete with a "Twinns" shirt and everything ;)