Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hackenbush Holds Convoluted Contest

David over at "Can't Have Too Many Cards" is holding one of the more convoluted contests I've seen in a while - and it's worth checking out!

In honor of his 500th post (a milestone in any blogger's life, I don't care who you are!), he is giving away over 300 cards, including some sweet rookies and Hall of Famers.  The easiest entries come about in the form of leaving a comment on his contest post (link below) and posting a link to the contest.

From there, it takes a serious curve and participants can try to guess which kid he is in an old school photo, how many of his friends' names he remembers, and what year the pic was taken for additional entries. 

This sounds like a contest I would have!  Excellent fun!  Here's how you get there:

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