Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday

The Tribecards Turfdiggers continue their free fall to the bottom, dropping TWO spots this week to 5th place in the Super Secret League.  There is no doubt that pulling Darren McFadden was a crucial error in judgment by the manager.  He scored more points by himself than SIX active players on the team. The future of the Turfdiggers management could be in jeopardy.

The big question for the Turfdiggers is whether or not their manager can find the rhythm to stop the free fall.  Based on previous fantasy league records, it does not look good. 

Next week's game pits the team against the Gold Sox who are in 7th place.  They've won their last two whereas the Turfdiggers are now coming off their 4th loss in a row.  Will momentum for both teams continue?  Will the momentum shift?  The Turfdiggers are hoping for the latter.

The league-leading Red Grange Halls and the Florida Vikings (with records of 5-2-0 each) are both on a two-loss streak.  The TN Roadkill, Seymour Bengals, and Gold Sox are all on multi-win ladders.  Looks like things are starting to shake up and shake out in the Super Secret League. 

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