Sunday, October 10, 2010

1010, statistically speaking in baseball

Well, since today is "42 Day" (that is, 10/10/10 in binary being 101010 which translates to 42 in decimal), I thought it would be fun to look up some stats related to 1,010.  And here they are for your "enjoyment:"

Roberto Hernandez pitched in 1,010 games in his career.
Woody Fryman gave up 1,010 earned runs during his career.
In 1931, Carl Hubbard had 1,010 BFP's (Batters Faced by Pitcher).
In 1987, Mike Scott had 1,010 BFP's.
Jim O'Rourke had 1,010 RBI's in his career.
In 1974, Don Gullet had 1,010 BFP's.
Frank Baumholtz had 1,010 hits in his career.
Jim Lemon batted in 1,010 games in his career.
In 1997, Jeff Fassero faced 1,010 batters.
In 1983, Shane Rawley had 1,010 BFPs.
In 1963, Jim Maloney had 1,010 BFPs.
Jimmy Key gave up 1,010 earned runs in his career.
In 1983, Tommy John faced 1,010 batters.
John Smoltz committed 1,010 base-on-balls in his career.
In 2008, Kevin Youkilis had 1,010 CH (I tried to find out what CH means, but came up empty - anyone?)
1994, Mark Grace had 1,010 Total Chances (TCs).
Willie McGee score 1,010 runs in his career.
In 1963, Tim Harkness had 1,010 total chances.
In 1957, Moe Drabowsky had 1,010 BFPs (I know the girls at Dinged Corners will appreciate that)
In 1993, JT Snow had 1010 Put Outs
Al Leiter gave up 1010 earned runs during his career.
In 1982, Ray Knight had 1010 total chances.
In 1928, Dolf Luque had 1010 BFPs
In 1915, Rube Foster faced 1010 batters
As of 10/10/10, Aaron Rowand had 1010 games started in his career.
Bernie Carbo batted in 1010 games.
Al Fitzmorris face 1010 batters in 1975.
Dave Pagan faced 1010 batters in his career.
Alan Ashby had 1010 hits throughout his career.
In 2002, Brad Asmus had 1010 total chances.
Ed Sprague had 1010 hits in his career.
Randy Milligan had 1010 CHs in 1991.
Ted Abernathy recorded 1010 holds in his career.
In 1973, the California Angels had 1010 Strikeouts total.
As of 10/10/10, Adam Dunn had batted in 1010 games.
Eric Hillman had 1010 BFPs in his career.
Geronimo Pena had 1010 at-bats during his career.
Joe McClain had 1010 BFPs in his career.
Steve Renko walked 1010 batters on balls throughout his career.
Carl Mays recorded 1010 outs in 1921
In 1954, Robin Roberts recorded 1010 outs
Johnnie LeMaster played the field in 1010 games over the course of his career
Walter Johnson recorded 1010 outs in 1915 for the Senators
Elbie Fletcher recorded 1010 put-outs in 1939
Adolfo Phillips had 1010 put-outs during his career
Debs Garms played in 1010 games throughout his career
In 1911, Lew Richie had 1010 BFPs
Cy Barger recorded 1010 Holds throughout this career.
Woody Williams had 1010 assists in his career.
Jack Coombs recorded 1010 outs in 1911
Arthur Irwin had 1010 hits during his career
Julio Moreno recorded 1010 outs as a pitcher in his career
Sun Woo Kim also recorded 1010 outs as a pitcher in his career
Dave Fultz had 1010 total chances in his career
Pete O'Brien had 1010 CHs in his career
Jack Warner also had 1010 CHs during his career
Joe Dolan had 1010 Assists in his career
Through 2007, the Reds had lost 1,010 times against the Dodgers.

*Note all these stats are from, and were posted on that site as of 10/10/10.

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