Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday

For the second week in a row, the Tribecards Turfdiggers suffered a loss.  That is the polite way of saying, "The Turfdiggers scored the fewest number of points in the league this week."  The team was riddled with last-minute injury changes.  Darren McFadden and Steve Smith were essentially questionable up until game day.  Add to that the Steelers' bye week (the Turfdiggers have two of the 'burgh boys), and the picture starts to become clear.  Of course, those factors do not tell the whole story this week.  The final nail in the coffin comes in the way of Peyton Manning's mediocre (at best) performance.  I debated back and forth about keeping Manning in or swapping him out for my other QB, Kyle Orton.  In the end, Orton scored 18+ points while Manning fell short of 3 points.

Because of the bye week and McFadden's gameday removal from the lineup, I had ZERO points in the RB position.  That is never a good thing.  The other disappointment comes in the way of McCluster, who seems to have a great week followed by a collapse followed by a great week.  This was his off week, mustering up a measly 0.90 points.  Also because of the bye week, I used my alternate defense (San Diego) which was essentially a joke.

Meanwhile, the superstar team of the week were the Seymour Bengals, who racked up nearly 95 points this week!  Great job!  The Gold Sox, unfortunately, have yet to find a winning combination and remain at the bottom in the league at 0-5. 

The Turfdiggers fall to 3-2 with 354.53 points, putting them in 3rd place because of their win/loss record, but they remain in 2nd place in points (leading league 2nd place team Florida Vikings by just .92).  The Red Grange Halls continue their domination of the league with a record of 5-0 and 409.53 points.

What's ahead in Week 6?  The return of the Steelers along with Big Ben should help boost Hines Ward's stats.  The Turfdiggers face the East TN Roadkill and the match is projected to be a close one.  The big question is which QB to put in.  Do I keep Manning or do I switch to Orton?  I haven't made up my mind yet.  We'll just have to wait and see.

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