Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where did the fun go? Phungo right here!

Now, *THIS* is the set of cards everyone should be talking about in 2010! These came from a pack of Phungo's latest release.  I received a refractor Belliard from Topps, but the next card is way cool!  It is a limited edition black-bordered insert!  And, it is the Retired Number from the Indians!! WAHOO!!  I also got a Dickie Noles giving a thumbs up to Phungo!  Check out the other cards (and comments), too!


Oh, yeah! We've got CC and Lincecum in here, along with big (and I do mean BIG) Thomas Jefferson!

Rounding out the pack, we've got Arkansas' own Cliff Lee in a Phungo Phillies uni, plus two vintage Tribers: Jim Piersall and Ray Narleski!!

Dude, YOU ROCK!!  Thank you so much, Phungo, for another great pack of cards!

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