Monday, March 22, 2010

"Hope you don't mind..."

The note inside read, "Hope you don't mind but I built a little pile of Indians..."  Those were the words from none other than JackPlumstead in merry ol' England!  Rest assured, I *never* mind!!  I also need to amass some Red Sox for you, pal!

Inside the envelope was a very nice stack of cards indeed!

I love the 4-scene mini sticker card!  That is too cool.  I also got a bunch of Bazooka cards - some thick, some standard thickness.  I do not know (have not researched) the significance of the varying thicknesseseseses. Oh, sorry...

Also included, a variety of makers, players and years! How can you argue with what is most likely a full team set of 1990 Fleer!? You can't. It is just awesomeness!

THANK YOU, as always, John from across the Pond!

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  1. Very cool ! I like Bazooka Joe. The thick,red borders are a parallel set.In 2005 there are thick gold border parallels called,(are you ready?)"Gold Chunks" !