Saturday, March 27, 2010

Condition: (Not even close to) Poor

Today's mail contained an envelope from Fords, NJ.  Inside, a full-page hand-written letter from Sean over at Condition:Poor. He first thanked me for the cards he received in his "Last Great Giveaway" package, and then apologized for not being able to return to the favor en masse.  I do appreciate the part reading, "I know the point of the giveaway was to get rid of cards..."*  What he was able to include is one of the greatest custom cards I have received.  It is a 2010 SlangKo Al Rosen Commemorative TTM Autographed card!!  Holy FRIGGIN COW!!

The card celebrates Rosen's 1953 MVP Award!  My apologies for the poor picture quality, but the MacBook's built-in camera does not do 'macro' shots. Dang it. I may get a chance to rescan these at some point.

THANK YOU, Sean!!  This card is absolutely incredible!  I cannot tell you how much I deeply appreciate such a unique collectible!

*As always, I deeply appreciate any cards that are sent my way.  There is never any required or expected return on the cards I send out. It's something I enjoy and love doing it as part of my love for the hobby and the hopes that it keeps our hobby alive.


  1. I gotta' admit, I don't have any of those !!!
    Nice job on that. Hmmmm....I see logos - is this an illegal unlicensed card?!

  2. absolutely outstanding cards. That top card is high art, and I have always loved al's sig...