Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cactus League RBI Jim Thome

I received this Thome card as part of an eBay "buy a bunch of Tribe cards" deal.  I have never seen one like this and have had a hard time tracking down much information.  The card itself is 4"x6.5" including the "Cactus League" at the top.  The card features a bronze foil "RBI" in the lower left corner, which I assume is for "Regional Baseball Index."  From what I've been able to cull together so far, these cards most likely came out of a Cactus League magazine (hence the 'Index') published by Stadium Sports Publishing.  Now, before you think I am some uber-researcher, let me show you the back:

The back of the card features the Cactus League logo, "RBI," the player's name and a tidbit of info about the player.  There is a place for an autograph and then relevent copyright info (such as the publishing company).  The front of the card (well, the photo portion) is top-notch for the time (I am assuming circa 1990).  The back of the card, however, looks like a kid drew it.  Well, actually, it looks like a colorized version of the little comics you see on the back of some Topps cards.

I did manage to find references to the "R.B.I." but so far, nothing specific to this card set.  Though I have been tempted to cut the card down to the size of the Thome bordered section, I realized that doing so would mess up the back.  Thus, I will find a pocket page to accomodate this very oddly proportioned card when it goes into my collection.

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  1. I recognize that RBI logo from somewhere... I think it is on some David Justice oddball cards I have.