Monday, March 29, 2010

Cards from the Crooks! and VOTE for me!

Chris Cook wrote me to let me know he received his selection of cards (including Presidents and perhaps some snakes) from the giveaway.  As it turns out, he also sent me a bubbleope with some cards!

We have a very cool UD Goudey green back of Pronk!  You may notice the white "G" on the front of the card. Yeah, there's a jersey in there. Sweet!  The tape across Pronk is on the sleeve the card is in, not on the card itself.  Just so we understand each other.  The next two cards are Topps Opening Day 2010's.  The scan does not bring out the blueness of the border of Masterson's OD stamped card.  It is very cool!  The card is also serially numbered out of 2010 cards.  Excellent!

THANK YOU, Chris, for these great Tribe cards!

Sidenote: Head over to Beardy & Mojo's to vote for your favorite baseball card rap!  Your favorite being, of course, MINE!  Actually, I have to give props to Thorzul.  His is VERY well done, as is Tim's.  But, vote for mine anyway because you like me. You really like me. Don't you?


  1. It's looking tight between you and Thorzul (I voted for you hahaha).

  2. The design on the opening days has a certain mid 90's flair to it