Monday, March 15, 2010

eTopps T206 Tribute: Bob Feller

eTopps has released two Indians tribute cards.  The latest is the Bob Feller you see above.  I enjoy the eTopps cards, and had been a VERY active member of the community for many years before selling off just about everything in my portfolios.  At one point, I has a complete set of the 2002 series, though given the pricing on that, it was not hard to do.  What I finally did was get the cards in my portfolio sent to me, and then I dumped those into the giveaways I did recently.  Share the love, ya know?

Does anyone else collect eTopps?  Nowadays, I like to wait until football season comes around and pick up the cards I want a whole lot cheaper than IPO or at higher pricing during the baseball season.

I have to admit, though, I am VERY tempted to put myself down in the lottery for a couple of these...


  1. Nice card ! I don't know why, but I never ventured into eTopps.

  2. I got in on the ground floor with 2001 baseball and football. Made some money selling from my portfolio. Had a few cards shipped. Took a beating in 2002. Never looked back.