Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who's Up Next? (Random Packs Update)

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I had no idea just how "popular" the Random Packs Program was going to be!! I am very excited about the emails I've been getting, asking when I would be announcing the next team in the giveaway.

I had fully planned on releasing that information every couple days, even while I am in Chicago. Unfortunately, I left the list of teams that are "eligible" for the giveaway at the house... That's what I get for a) not packing it in my suitcase and b) getting up at 430am for the flight!

The next team to be announced will be posted on Sunday evening/night after I get back home. I appreciate everyone's understanding! Like I said, I had no idea just how popular this was going to be!

(side note: I used the word "eligible" above. What in tar-nation is THAT supposed to mean?? Well, it means that I have some teams with very little to no cards yet because they all went out in the last giveaway. Then again, I may decide that those teams get a 'first-to-respond' single pack. Probably not though.... Y'all should know me well enough now that I am all about getting as many free cards into as many hands as possible!)

Stay tuned and/or keep your feed readers on alert! The next team will be announced Sunday evening/night!


  1. I'm shocked, SHOCKED that I have to wait for 3 more days for my hard earned right to have you give me even more cards for free.

    I got the Indians cards yesterday. Sometime soon I hope to have some of them scanned in to write about them.

    Thanks a lot David. You're the best.

    Oh, and have fun at the game (assuming you're going. I think I read that you are.) Maybe you'll have better luck than me. I was at last night's Tribe vs Brewers game.

  2. I agree - you are the best. I can't wait either to find out who is next.