Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cards from... My Aunt!? (hockey edition)

When my aunt told me there were Penguins cards in the box she sent, I was interested to see what all would be in there, since the Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals again this year. I will end up finding a good home for them, since I don't actually collect hockey cards, but it was worth seeing them, for sure:

Ah, nothing like a local grocery store for an oddball set! I have no idea if the whole set is there or not, but there are certainly a bunch of the Foodland cards.

There were some other Penguins cards, too, but the majority are the Foodland:

In addition to Penguins, there was quite a selection of other hockey cards. Evidently, my cousin was into collecting them for a while. I don't know what it means that I recognized more of the hockey players than I did the football players. It probably means there are more 'star' hockey cards in the box and nothing more. I can't remember the player's name, but how about a hockey player whose 'sideline' is riding wild broncos!?

The logo cards are actually non-branded stickers. If you look hard enough (or click on the photos for a better view), you'll see a couple vintage cards from '77 and '78 in there! I thought that was very cool:

In fact, I ended up with TWO 1978 Atlanta team cards!

I hope to find a hockey collector or two out there, eh. They'll be getting some older ice cards for sure.


  1. Where can I get myself an Aunt like yours? Very cool that she had so many cards.

  2. sweeeet! Those grocery store penguins must be from late '91 or early '92. The only season that all of those players were on the Penguins together was '90/91.

    neat find!

  3. Go Penguins!
    That was he team I was first introduced to in the early 80's on a 13 inch BW w/ rabbit ears. Been following them since. Great cards your Aunt had.

  4. I'm just catching up on all of your Aunt's cards. They are great ! I don't really collect anything but baseball but I do like mixtures like that once in a while just to see what has been out there.

  5. I may not have a rich, old uncle with a will bearing my name, but I have to say that having an Aunt with a crazy selection of trading cards ain't bad either. :-)