Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cards from... My Aunt!? (autographs? stamps? and wrestling edition)

This is the last of the ""cards from my aunt" series, and it contains a variety of collectible goodness...

My aunt said there was a 'cancelled Babe Ruth stamp' along with some other stamps. She didn't know if they were 'worth anything' but thought I might find a home for them or sell them on eBay. I don't know stamps from stumps, but where there is Babe Ruth, there is collecting fun:

I have no idea what the rocket-based ones are, but I recognize Marconi from my radio days and my Mass Media classes, so that was a nice touch. The Ruth is a 1983 and was cut from an envelope apparently. There is a small bit of the cancellation mark on it, but any more than that and you'll have to be your own stamp-collecting-type-person. Yes, I know there's a name for it, and I could Google it, but if you are one, then you know the word. If you aren't one, you probably don't care. Anyone collect stamps?

Next up are a handful (almost literally) of wrestling cards. I know all of these guys because these cards are just after (or are near) the days when my Dad would take me and my brother down to the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh to watch the matches. We also saw some matches in various High School gyms and some other athletic clubs. We had a well-rounded childhood...

Finally, scattered throughout the box were "autographed" cards. As you may notice, there is something 'familiar' about the signatures as you look from card to card...

I'm not a genius by any stretch, so of course I recognized the fact that the hand-writing was that of a youngster... But my question is: WHY? Why would my cousin (or whoever signed them) autograph them? Perhaps to pawn them off on some younger unsuspecting collector?

What's even more interesting are the SUBJECTS he chose to sign. No one of superstardom, but rather 'common' players... Perhaps that was part of the plan, though... Sign people that many folks wouldn't necessarily question, right?

All-in-all, I have to say that busting this shoebox full of various cards was a lot of fun! a HUGE thanks goes out to my aunt and my cousin!


  1. A person who collects stamps is a stamp collector.

    A person who studies stamps is a philatelist.

    A person who studies naming conventions like this has too much time on his hands.

  2. Wow, sweet autos. Post them on craigslist, ask for a fortune, and find yourself featured on Bad Wax!