Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slipping WAAAYYY Behind!

Let me start off by saying this has nothing to do with the real-life ball-playing counterparts of whom I collect little bits of cardboard. This has EVERYTHING to do with mailing out bubbleopes and other goodies.

I know several of you are expecting items that were SUPPOSED to have been mailed off the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Let me assure you, those are still sitting in the center console of my milestone-reaching HEMI (hit 100,000 miles the other day!). But, I can also assure you that since I now have Fridays off from work (summer hours = 4 10-hour days), I can be much more diligent about sending out trades and random packs of kindness!

I appreciate your patience with me, and hopefully you'll find it well worth it!

I am also WAAAYYY behind in one particular trade because, well, I hadn't even started pulling cards yet when I received a package in the mail from Grant (Old School Pack Buster)!

If you have not checked out his blog or if you've missed him on iamjoecollector (in the comments section), you're missing a treat. And once you start emailing, he is a resource of fun-filled information and activity!

During a recent box break (SweetSpot) on iamjoecollector, he had ended up with the Indians and I offered to trade him anything to get whatever cards he ended up with. Well, not only did he send me his Tribe hits from the break, but also a "whole mess of" other Indians cards, too! I've got a lot of catching up to do!

The card in the center is a Jeremy Sowers Auto'd GLOVE card! It is a thing of beauty, and is actually more like a 'box' than a card - this thing is thick, far too thick to fit in a standard 9-pocket page, I fear.

In addition to that card, there are a host of other serially-numbered cards, autographs, game-used and other issues...

I have a list of teams and players that Grant collects which will help get me started, but I have a long way to go in order to feel I have "evened" the trade! These cards are a great addition to my Indians collection!

THANK YOU very much, Grant! This was a great treat to come home to.


  1. That glove card is really cool ! I've heard of them but never seen in person.With the Nationals coming up in Cleveland I'll have to look around there. Nice cards.

  2. Yeh That glove card was the first I pulled as well and there was no way I could keep it to myself it deserves a better home in Dave's collection. Glad you liked the package Dave. And you don't have to worry about catching up or anything. If you remember I had been hunting down greg halman? Check out an email I'm going to send you! Thanks to ebay and a jumbo box of bowman Karhma finally went my way ! Big time, Grant