Monday, June 1, 2009

Cards from... my Aunt!? (football edition)

As I mentioned in me previous post, in addition to baseball cards, my aunt also threw in a bunch of football cards. I've got some giveaway filler for sure with these.

In its own stack were a series of Steelers cards, and here are some of them:

Most of them are 1991 ProSet, but feature legends of the Steel City.

The helmets you see in the can below are sparkly stickers. I don't think there was a brand or anything on them, and to me that look like the kind of thing you get out of a vending machine:

There are several of the VERY orange Tennessee cards, plus a lot more ProSet:

These scan represent a small portion of the cards she sent. Some of the names I knew, but most I did not. They will find their way into some football collector's home at some point, I'm sure of that!

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