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#PackADailyCircus #ootp Customization - 048/049 - Two Pac(k)s and 50 cent(s) worth

  • **NOTE (added after this post originally released): OOTP automatically fills out teams, regardless of my "cleaning house." So, rosters, etc in game and at may not reflect actual drafted players and/or ONLY drafted players. Welcome to my world. The Players/Managers list should be accurate, however.

Hello, everyone! I did not realize until today that I did not post a pack yesterday. The missing draft had me a bit bamboozled, I guess.  I want to thank Stealing Home and Bo Rosny for supply me with cards! That is awesome!! I will do a separate post for those soon.

In addition to Indians cards, Bo included a slew of pack, including his own custom version called "BoPack!" I am looking forward to opening those during the season.

Before we get into the packs tonight, let's talk about the OOTP portion of the giveaway. This may get a little detailed, but hang with me, it is worth it (or at least worth 50 cents, right?):
  • I am cleaning up all the rosters in the game. All non-drafted/game-created players are off the teams. Exceptions are Erin Rose and ProwlingCats because they do not have enough draftees to make up a team.
  • Most teams will now have all players on the active list (or injury), since most of us barely have 25 players drafted so far. There are certainly exceptions!
  • I believe I have the settings corrected. So, each team will have the game's AI provide lineups, batting order, etc for each team.
  • Contradicting the previous statement: If *YOU* would like to manage your lineups, active rosters, etc, let me know. I will do my best to make those changes for you. I haven't figured out how to list reserve players online yet, but you can use the player search to find any player. I will update the online game after team rosters are fixed.
  • Since you can now see your team colors online, feel free to drop me a line if you don't like the colors the game generated for your team. You get:
    • Team Color
    • Team text color
    • Ballcap Main Color
    • Ballcap visor color
    • Jersey main color
    • Jersey secondary color
    • Jersey pinstripes color
    • Away jersey color
    • *Note, if you know the hex code for the color(s) you want, that works best. Otherwise, I may have to interpret your color requests. Haha!
  • You can edit your basic stadium information, if you like:
    • Name of ballpark
    • Type: Open, Retractable Roof, Dome
    • Surface: Grass, Artificial turf
    • Seating capacity: Exact number, example: 48566
  • If you have any questions about the OOTP game we're running, please drop me a line. I'm pretty open to making the game as "personal" for you as I can.
Okay, now let's bust open two packs!

How about one of the "custom 2015 Opening Day" packs sent to us and a pack of 2015 Heritage:

Derrek Lee 2003 Fleer Ultra - Marlins - Pedersejs (Wahoo!!) - As crazy as it may sound, I like the aqua and orange on this card. I must be delirious.

Wayne Gross 1986 Topps - Orioles - Free Agent - I recognize him from his Indians cards, of course.

Adam Dunn 2013 Archives - White Sox - Northampton Therapists (Wahoo!!) - Topps sure loves those cheesy bat-over-shoulder shots, don't they?

Paul Konerko 2011 Topps - White Sox - SoxFan4Life (Wahoo!!) - This might as well be a UD unauthorized card. Heck, it almost would even have to be approved by MLBPA with its look.

Charles Hudson 1988 Donruss - Yankees - Free Agent - I once worked with a guy named Charles Hudson. Different guy. There ya go.

Dave Bergman 1988 Donruss - Tigers - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!) - His face says, "I'm going to be stuck on this Donruss card forever, aren't I?"

Matt Garza 2010 Topps - Rays - Free Agent - Someone had been assigned Garza in the OOTP game. I fixed it. Sorry, Sushi...

Jesus Guzman 2013 Topps - Padres - Bo Rosnys (Wahoo!!) - I was never a fan of the "camo" look. But, at least the whole shirt is camo and not just one stripe or something.

Troy Tulowitzki 2013 Archives - Rockies - Kentucky Quarrys (Wahoo!!) - Somone is peeking out of the lower corner, presumably out on the play.

Clint Sammons 2008 Finest Certified Auto - Braves - Free Agent - This card... This card is GREAT! It is numbered 60/99 to boot!

2015 Heritage:

Didi Gregorius - Yankees - Free Agent - For some reason, I thought someone had him on their list. Ah, okay, he was on Arpsmith, but that was computer-assigned. Now you can try to draft him if you wish.

Jose Altuve, Victor Martinez, Michael Brantley AL Batting Leaders - Astros, Tigers, Indians (Wahoo!) - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!!), Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!), TSHensons (Wahoo!!) - Heya! A triber on a leader card! WAHOO!! There is also an ex-Triber as well. Great stuff!

Daniel Corcino, Yorman Rodriguez Rookie Stars - Reds - Free Agent, Free Agent

Tom Koehler - Marlins - Free Agent - Well, I can't think of a single thing to say about this card. I don't know if that is good or bad.

Anthony Rendon - Nationals - Free Agent - Hanging out on a bench. It doesn't look like a dugout bench, though. At least he's smiling at whatever is happening to the side of the photographer.

Logan Morrison - Mariners - Free Agent - There is something weird going on in the lower left of the card. It is as if his back/arm was hit with a Photoshop cloning eraser.

Julio Teheran - Braves - Cobb County SuperChickens (Wahoo!) - This image has the "old school" look to it - shot from just below chest height, a little washed on image, pitcher staring off to the side a little.

Rusney Castillo, Anthony Ranaudo Rookie Stars - Red Sox - Free Agent, Free Agent - I don't know how old Rusney is, but man he looks like a kid. Something is amiss with Ranaudo's pic - looks heavily edited and flattened or something.

Bob Melvin mgr - A's - Jennings64 (Wahoo!!) - He does not look too happy to having his picture taken. It is as if he is saying, "Does Topps seriously still take manager pictures? This is 2015, right?"

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