Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - 046 - Standings Updates and New Archives

Hello, everyone! Tonight, I have the current standings from the OOTP game! I had planned to record a video, but I wasn't able to pull it off for today, so hopefully this weekend. I will probably move the videos to the weekend anyway because I have more time then to devote to recording them.

In the meantime, here are the current standings:

I am in the process of uploading the various files for the online system. Remember, that is now at!

The Managers/Players list has been updated, and once again, I need to thank Josh D for his awesome work in Excel to keep making my life easier! I can now easily generate the manager/player list immediately after each draft then copy and paste those into the online list. I cannot tell you how much time that will save me! Wahoo!!

And, since things are getting updated, let's rip open a pack of 2015 Archives.

Kyle Gibson - Twins - Free Agent
Joakim Soria - Tigers - Free Agent
Mookie Betts - Red Sox - Thoughts and Sox (Wahoo!!)
James Paxton - Mariners - ProwlingCats (Wahoo!!)
Matt Joyce - Rays - SuperDupermen (Wahoo!!)
Danny Santana - Twins - Free Agent
Brandon Moss - Indians (Wahoo!) - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Adam Lind - Brewers - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Nelson Cruz, Chris Carter, Jose Abreu 2014 AL HR Leaders - Orioles, Astros, White Sox - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!), New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!!), Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)

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