Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - De Draft! de Draft! And a WINNER!!

Good day, everyone! I was finally able to run the draft that I had forgotten to tell the managers about for last week! Wahoo!!  The results are in:

For the curious, here is the unrandomized list of picks (click to enlarge):

The results have been added to the managers/Players list, though I just realized that I have some spelling anomalies that make the list seem a bit quite not unlike something that is not entirely alphabetized (or something like that). I'll get that fixed.

The draft for *THIS WEEK* will go out before the end of the evening tonight (Wednesday May 27). The deadline will be Noon on Sunday, May 31. NO SKUNKS will be Jennings64 and Ventura County Royals!

Let's talk about our WINNER!!

You may recall that I had mentioned a contest that would be announced in one of my video updates. Well, I announced that contest in the May 13 update. The contest? A free OOTP 16 code!

And, the winner?????

JoshD (aka Ventura County Royals)!! WAHOO!!

Josh, I will be sending your code very soon, so be on the lookout in your email!

Today's pack break will be released shortly!

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