Monday, May 18, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 043/044 - Perfect!

Hello, everyone! sorry for the missed pack last night. Things got away from me. That's okay, we'll make them up today. We'll do two packs again here. The Managers/Players rosters have not been updated yet. My daughter had a softball game tonight (Monday) and she ended up getting walked 3-for-3 times and scored each time! Not a bad evening at all.

Today is also my 24th wedding anniversary! It is so hard to believe how quickly time flies!

Let's rip some wax. First up, 2015 Gypsy Queen:

Jose Canseco - A's - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Ted Williams - Red sox - Thoughts and Sox (Wahoo!!)
Elvis Andrus Mini - Rangers - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!)
Michael Wacha - Cardinals - SuperDupermen (Wahoo!!)
Lonnie Chisenhall - Indians (Wahoo!) - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!! x2)

WAHOO!! We hit a Perfect Pack! Congratulations, managers! That is so freakin cool!!

Our next pack is 1992 Stadium Club Series 1

Scott Bailes - Angels - Free Agent
Tim Hulett - Orioles - Free Agent
Jeff Treadway - Braves - Free Agent
Stan Belinda - Pirates - Free Agent
Ryan Bowen - Astros - Free Agent
Reggie Harris - A's - Free Agent
Danny Tartarbull - Royals - Captain Canucks (Wahoo!!)
Andy van Slyke - Pirates - TSHensons (Wahoo!!)
Paul Gibson - Tigers - Free Agent
1992 Checklist 1-100 - CaptKirk42s (Wahoo!!)
Jim Leyritz - Yankees - Free Agent
Kirt Manwaring - Giants - Free Agent
Geno Petralli - Rangers - Free Agent
Trevor Wilson - Giants - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Tony Fernandez - Padres - Free Agent

Wow, I was getting worried there for a bit! I thought we went from a Perfect Pack to a no-hitter. Instead, we pulled a few card out of the pack for folks, so that worked out nicely. Congratulations, managers!

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