Monday, May 11, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 037 - More minis!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining us for another PAD Circus pack break! I am about to release the new draft names to the managers, but before i do, I thought I would break open another pack of custom mini Allen and Ginter!

Wow, the one I grabbed is PACKED with minis! Let's roll:

Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins - Pennsylvania BCs (Wahoo!!)
Wayne Gretzky (hockey, wearing Blue Jays uni) - Free Agent
Mike Trout - Angels - ProwlingCats (Wahoo!!)
Billy the Marlin - Marlins Mascot - Free Agent
Buster Posey - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers - GCRLs (Wahoo!!)
Adam Jones - Orioles - RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Jayson Werth - Nationals - CaptKirk42s (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Howard - Phillies - Eastern Virginia Mutts (Wahoo!!)
Joey Votto - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!)
Cliff Lee - Phillies - Arkansas Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals - CaptKirk42s (Wahoo!! x2)
Torii Hunter - Tigers - Jennings64 (Wahoo!!)
Floyd Mayweather Jr - Boxer - Free Agent
Chase Headley - Padres - Free Agent
Hunter Pence - Giants - Captain Canucks (Wahoo!!)
Joe Mauer - Twins - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!)
Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers - Night Owls (Wahoo!!)
Justin Morneau - Pirates - Kentucky Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Prince Fielder - Tigers - TSHensons (Wahoo!!)
Spider-Man - Superhero - Free Agent
Starling Marte - Pirates - Pennsylvania BCs (Wahoo!! x2)

As much as I love seeing folks get cards in each pack break, I have to admit, these are some of my favorites - customs, minis, A&Gs! How do you argue with that? I hope by the time we're done, each manager ends up with at least one! Speaking of "at least," how about the folks here pulling more than one!? Nice job! Congratulations to the rest of us who pulled cards, too. Hopefully, if you haven't managed to pull one of these player, you can snag one in the free agent draft!

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  1. Cool two of my fave Homies. They are some really snazzy custom jobs. I had gotten a handful of these custom A&Gs from Chris at Nacho Grande some months back (maybe even a year ago?) from a trade or one of his group breaks. Just when I'm trying to avoid minis and custom jobs.