Monday, October 27, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Playoffs Resume!! World Series Teams Revealed! WAHOO!!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am back from my conference in Minneapolis and it is time to play some serious catch-up in the OOTP PAD Circus Playoffs!

It's been a while since we last played, so let's do a quick recap of things:

In the Blogger League, Dominic FDNYs and Texas PlayAtThePlates are tied at 2 game each.

In the WordPress League, Florida Workmans hold a 3 game lead over the Ontario Kazis.

In the first game tonight, we will find out who takes over the lead in the BL while crossing our fingers that the Kazis can fight to stay in the championship playoffs.

Let's do the "3-inning rundown!"

The PlayAtThePlates start things off with a 2 run 1st inning. This is met by a single score in the 2nd inning from the FDNYs, and the finish the 3rd inning trailing 2-1.  Over in the other game, neither the Workmans nor the Kazis manage to put any points on the board after three innings.

Taking a cue from Florida and Ontario, the Dominc FDNYs and Texas go scoreless through the 6th inning, leaving the FDNYs a run behind. The 5th inning brings a run for the Workmans and they lead the Kazis 1-0 after six innings.

Texas snags 2 more runs in the 7th inning, and the FDNYs fail to meet the challenge, ending the game with the PlayAtThePlates winning 4-1 and now leading the series 3 games to 2. Meanwhile, the Kazis also add a run in the 7th, tying the game! The Workmans tack one on in the 9th, though and THEY take the lead as the Kazis came to bat in the bottom of the inning. The Kazis faced elimination as they came to the plate, and they just couldn't handle the Workmans,

The Florida Workmans become the first team to advance to the PAD Circus World Series!!  WAHOO!! Congratulations, Workmans!!

Now that the Workmans have advanced, they can sit back and see what happens between Texas and Dominic FDNYs. Let's take a look at game six in the BLCS!

The teams remained scoreless after three innings. PlayAtThePlates score a run in the 4th, but blank out the FDNYs, ending the 6th inning with a 1-run lead.

The PlayAtThePlates add another run in the 7th, but the FDNYs manage to score 4 runs in the 8th inning, taking lead. The PlayAtThePlates fail to bring any players across the plate in the 9th inning, losing the game. FDNYs win 4-2, and they tie the series at 3 games apiece! This one is going all the way to seven games!!

Holy smokes! It all comes down to this one game to see which team will advance and become the second team to ever play in the PAD Circus World Series and be the 1st ever Blogger League champion! These two teams have battled back and forth to get here and now this final matchup will determine it all.

We're going to take this one inning-by-inning, just to make you wiggle in your seats. In the 1st inning, neither team scores as final-game jitters seem to get the best of both teams.

In the 2nd, Texas still can't get a runner across the plate, but the FDNYs score a run, taking the lead 1-0 at the end of two.

Neither team scores in the 3rd or 4th innings, leaving the score 1-0 FDNYs.

In the bottom of the 5th, FDNYs add a run and then repeat the feat again in the bottom of the 6th. Things are not looking good for PlayAtThePlates as they trail 3-0 at the end of 6 innings.

The 7th and 8th innings also prove challenging for both teams. neither team is able to add any points to the scoreboard.

As we go into the 9th, Texas needs 3 runs to tie and 4 runs to take the lead. As it happens, they are unable to get a single player to score. The FDNYs win the game 3-0 and hold PlayAtThePlates to just 3 hits, shutting them out!

Congratulations, Dominc FDNYs!! WAHOO!! You won the BLCS and are advancing to the PAD Circus World Series!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing history in the making! The Florida Workmans will take on the Dominic FDNYs in the 1st ever PAD Circus World Series!! That action will start on Tuesday Night (er, real Tuesday, as in October 28, 2014).


  1. It was a good run. More exciting than the real Rangers season! Thanks David.

  2. Congratulation, Florida Workmans---we couldn't have played any better in this series and a testament to your teams willingness to do what it takes--now lets win for the Wordpress league--dare i say Wahoo

  3. My team will do its best to represent the Wordpress League in the inaugural World Series. Let's hope the Florida Workmans' Jake Peavy does better than the real Jake Peavy.

  4. Woop woop me...... Didn't think this was gonna happen