Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BBA Awards Continued - Misc Chapter

Here are the nominees/choices for the Misc Chapter of the BBA:

Goose Gossage AL (Reliever):
Greg Holland
Dellin Betances
Zach Britton

Goose Gossage NL (Reliever):
Craig Kimbrel
Kenley Jansen
Aroldis Chapman

Walter Johnson AL (Pitcher):
Corey Kluber
Feliz Hernandez
Chris Sale

Walter Johnson NL (Pitcher):
Clayon Kershaw
Adam Wainwright
Johnny Cueto

Stan Musial AL (Player):
Mike Trout
Michael Brantley
Jose Abreu
Jose Altuve
Felix Hernandez
Jose Bautista
Robinson Cano
Victor Martinez
Ian Kinsler
Alex Gordon

Stan Musial NL (Player):
Andrew McCutchen
Giancarlo Stanton
Clayton Kershaw
Yasiel Puig
Anthony Rizzo
Buster Posey
Jordan Zimmermann
Adrian Gonzalez
Matt Kemp

Nelson Cruz

Methodology: These were reported to me either by web address or by direct email. All names submitted were entered into a spreadsheet. I sorted the categories and picked the names that had the most votes. In cases of ties, I chose the player(s) I would have picked from the lists as my vote(s). This mainly came into play for POY since we needed 10 names and many players only had one vote. 

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