Friday, October 31, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - World Series Game 1 (FDNYs at Workmans)

Good evening, PAD Circus fans! Welcome to the first game of the inaugural Tribecards PAD Giveaway World Series!!  Tonight, the Florida Workmans host the Dominic FDNYs. The FDNYs came into the playoffs through a wildcard bid, while the Workmans had clinched their chances by the end of the regular season.

These two teams never faced each other during the regular season, so we are talking about an old-school, no interleague play World Series here! This should be a good one. If we're choosing super powers and underdogs, the Florida Workmans are certainly the super power of the two. They went 112-50 in the regular season while the FDNYs not only came in as a last-chance wildcard team, their record finished up at 95-67.

In the playoffs, the Workmans went 3-1, 4-0, and 4-1, essentially blowing each of their competitors out of the water. The FDNYs went 3-1, 4-1, and 4-3 in their rounds, seeming to lose ground the longer they've played.

Since we've had a few nights off, both teams should be well-rested and ready for action!

Let's run this down inning-by-inning!

Top 1: FDNYs fail to get any players across the plate.
Bot 1: Workmans score THREE runs to take the lead 3-0

Top 2: FDNYs get blanked again.
Bot 2: Workmans cannot score, still lead 3-0

Top 3: FDNYs have trouble getting players in action, remain scoreless
Bot 3: Workmans add ONE run, bumping the lead to 4-0

4th Inning: Neither team gets any runs on the board.

5th Inning: See 4th inning - score remains 4-0 Workmans

Top 6: FDNYs just can't find the ball nor the plate this game, still scoreless.
Bot 6: Workmans add TWO more runs, stretching the lead to 6-0.

Top 7: FDNYs continue to struggle; cannot score.
Bot 7: Workmans go on an absolute tear, scoring EIGHT runs. They lead 14-0!

8th Inning: FDNYs stop the bleeding, but cannot do any damage themselves; remain shut out.

Top 9: Workmans blank the FDNYs, and go on to win the game 14-0! Holy smokes!

You can see the game log for Game 1 here:

Congratulations to the Florida Workmans, who now lead the series 1 game to 0. Can the FDNYs find a way to get their groove back? Was it the home crowd? Was it 1st game jitters? We will have to wait and see!


  1. Oh well I guess my run had to end sum

  2. Has the league installed any steroid testing? I think a few Workman players need to pee in a cup.


  3. Haha! Well, after the whole mascot debacle, players have been under much more scrutiny. Though, the Workmans players may have peed in cups and tossed them into the air. That's currently under investigation...