Sunday, October 12, 2014

Look before posting... Advice I never gave nor followed #ootp update

Good morning, everyone! As it turns out, because I was a day behind, I did not think to look ahead at the OOTP schedule to see if there WAS a game scheduled for Oct 11. The answer is NO, there wasn't. So, please accept my apologies if you came here last night expecting to see another game result posted (mainly because I had said there would be before checking to see there wasn't a game scheduled).

Yes, yes, I know.. It's  a simulation and I could run the whole thing to the end of the World Series in two clicks if I wanted to. But, where is the fun in that!? No, no, I plan to keep on posting each gameday (or late, or early, or not at all sometimes - it's kind of a crapshoot, really) through the postseason.

I don't if it makes it more fun for those following along or not, but I love seeing how things play out. I actually enjoy making "radio broadcasts" of the games more than I thought I would. The problem with trying to do that is multi-tiered, however. The first issue is that of time and privacy. I have have very little of either to dedicate to it, so that makes it tough. I have recorded two games so far, and during each, we fun little things like the phone ringing or a visitor at the door. Makes for interesting lapses in the recording, even with editing. The other issue is that of size. The file sizes actually aren't bad in the scheme of things. Unfortunately, I have CenturyStinks DSL and we have a paltry 1.5 MB download and 256k upload. So, sending a 50-75 MB file up the pipe is painful at best. We are on the fringe of LTE, so every now and then, I can get a decent signal and use my phone's hotspot to transfer.

I believe I will record each game of the PAD Circus OOTP World Series, however. Just because I think that will be a fun thing to do.

I have mentioned here before, I believe, that once PAD Circus is over and I get everyone's packages put together (not just from this season, but from the previous ones as well), I will be writing a novel based on a fictional league all played out in OOTP. I have the league set up and have looked over the cast of characters. The main story will focus on two brothers who are ten years apart but both end up in the league. The older brother is either in his prime or is coming out of it (hard to say since the league hasn't started) and the other is yet to be drafted (that's actually already in the game). Will they play for the same team? Will they play for bitter rivals? I dunno. I am letting OOTP handle the mechanics. I will be writing the backstory and bringing the brothers, their teammates, managers, families, etc to life. I'm excited to see what happens when a simulation is used as the driving force behind a story. Should be fun!

As far as I know, we DO have an OOTP PAD Circus game scheduled for today, so check back later for the results. Four teams, a pair from each of the sub-leagues, duke it out to see who moves on to the championship round in the Tribecards PackADaily Circus Playoffs!

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