Monday, June 2, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - PAD Circus Simulation Update!

Good afternoon, baseball card fans! We've got the latest OOTP update from the PAD Circus League!

The update is found here:

Dave Orr takes over as league-leading batting average. Adrian Gonzalez's batting reign has been overthrown by Orr's efforts, raising Orr to a .415 (where Gonzalez was last time) as Gonzlez drops to .410 for this round.

Yoenis Cespedes continues his lead in home runs, now with 21 on the season. He also breaks away from the pack in RBIs as the sole leader with 66 batters knocked in.

As for the pitching, Anibal Sanchez keels his lead with 11 wins. Koufax takes over the ERA leader spot as Kershaw falls to a 1.24 ERA. Toad Ramsey continues to rack up strikeouts, now with 148 on the season.

In big news in the Picadilly Division comes from the FDNYs who have been slowly inching their way up. They are currently tied with Tribecards and Arpsmiths for second place.

Nothing changed in the Green Park Division as the Wilsons continue to lead that group.

The same holds true for Leicester - same standings as last time, though the Superduperman99s close the gap by a game, sitting 7 behind NachosGrandes.

Everyone in the Oxford Circus Division lost ground, as the CaptainCanuck continue climbing, coming off a 4-game winnig streak.

Standings remain stagnant in Punto Obelisco. The Dawgbones move further away from the pack, however, as they now sit 9 games ahead of the RJBreezes.

The Hadsalls are running away with the Lillywhites Division, now 8 games in front of Thorzuls. The EG9460's head the other direction and fall to 31 games out of first place.

As we have seen in other divisions, Bakerloo is brutal on everyone but the Kazis. They hold a 9-game lead over the Quarrys. The owrst-performing team here are the PatrickSmiths, dropping 5 games to sit 26 games off the leader.

And, in caring Cross, BoRosnys maintian their 2-game lead over Workmans, but everyone else in the division dropped at least two games.

After all is said and done, it's a wonder we had any teams that actually won at all! (My poor attempt at a Yogi-ism)

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