Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FTC: 1978 Topps Eddie Murray

It has been a LONG time since I've done a "From the Collection" post. I am kicking off this wave of posts (hope to make it a regular feature, if I can remember to do it) by presenting one of my all-time favorite cards: 1978 Eddie Murray Rookie Card

I have owned this card since I bought it new in 1978. It came from a pack of cards I bought when I was about 9 years old. What I don't remember is whether I bought it from the local drug store ("Stan's") or if it was purchased from the hobby shop near my grandparents' house in Lakewood, OH.

What I do remember, though, is keeping this card from being glued onto a ruled notebook page, as was the custom back then among me and my friends. You can see it is kid-worn. That card has seen many flipping contests. It was one of my go-to cards when we had a pile of face-down cards on the floor. I'd break out this card and give a swift downward push, letting go just before the bending point. You can see some evidence of that on the left side in the picture where the edge is a bit worn. The corners are dinged from so many times of landing on them before the card would fall face-up on the pile, waiting for me to claim my prize.

I actually lost it in a game or two, but managed to win it back.

My brother has (or had, not sure if he still has it or not) a complete set of 1978 Topps, except for this card (unless he has acquired it). You see, many years ago, I helped him build a set of 1978 Topps by using cards we both owned. There was only one Eddie Murray, and I kept it. It was mine and still is.

I have a whole bunch of "Non-Tribers I Collect" and will be sharing those on here as well. Oh, I know, Eddie Murray *WAS* an Indians player, though. True. But, I generally only collect Indians players in Indians uniforms. As with any rule, however, there are always exceptions.

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