Thursday, June 12, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Packs from Workman and Tribe Cards, too!

I had to work late at the office since one leg of our Internet went down (2nd day in a row for that one, yet different issues). When I met my wife at my daughter's tumbling class, she said, "You have a box from Amazon and you some baseball cards."

I knew what the amazon box had (a 4-pin to 4-pin firewire cable and a 3.5" internal 72-in-1 media card reader), but until I saw the box of cards, I wasn't sure who sent it.

The Workmans sent it!! And, let me tell you, they* hooked us up for the giveaway! There are 10 "standard" packs of cards (though, I only mean that in the sense they have printer wrappers) and one pack of A&G minis in a cello wrapper. Take a gander. I'm not even sure I have seen Topps Unique before! Plus, check out the different Hobby Editions we get to bust open!

The Workmans also sent a slew of Indians cards!! Wahoo!! There are definitely cards in here that I do not own, and have never seen! The Joe Carter is a gorgeous bit of cardboard, as is the Thome Black Diamond! Heck, these are all an awesome gift!

Gotta love a Thome comic! The Perry is one of my faves. Again, there are cards in this group I have never seen. Thanks for the wonderful gifts!!

Here is a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Matthew and his wife for packs to bust and Tribecards to drool over!

*They refers to Matthew and his wife, not to the ootp fictional team of players.


  1. Glad they arrived safely! Have fun ripping!

  2. Where is your wantlist (or your havelist)? I remember you used to have one but I can't find it now