Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 All-Stars and Shake-Ups


Good afternoon, card fans! I have posted an OOTP simulation update, so feel free to check it out after the wrap-up.

A couple of housekeeping things before we look at standings, stats, etc:
  • First, I am taking vacation with my family next week, so I ran the simulation up to June 23. Enjoy a peek into the future!
  • Second, since I have already run the simulation, this week's drafts have obviously not been included in those stats (since we haven't run the draft yet this week).
  • Third, if you are a manager and have not checked your email, please do so. I moved the draft deadline to Thursday at Midnight because of vacation plans.
  • Fourth, I will be doing random pack breaks during vacation. I am planning to do at least one a day, including one live from a Padres game!
  • Fifth, the draft for NEXT WEEK will be run next Saturday or Sunday, depending on when we get back and how wiped out I am from the road trip. haha!
  • Sixth, there's not really a sixth. I just wanted to have half a dozen things for no real reason at all.
  • Seventh, well, dang, I did think of something else. The OOTP files are sitting at an uncompressed size of about 1.8GB! Yikes. I figured out part of the problem: the game was generating pictures, stats, etc for players not on anyone's roster. I fixed some of that, but it still creates player pages for EVERY player in the system, drafted or not. Once I figure out how to fix that, I should be back down a manageable file size for uploading.
  • Eighth, thanks to HIFLEW, we have new names for our subleagues! Instead of SL1 and SL2, We have Blogger League and Wordpress League. The names have nothing to do with the actual format chosen by the managers in each. Maybe next season...

Okay, let's see what the future holds:

In the Blogger League:
  • In Picadilly Division, the Tribecards remain in first, but there has been some serious movement below them. The Arpsmiths and FDNY's share first place with Tribecards as StealingHomes drop to 5th! JoshDs remain in fourth. (Edited, because in my haste to post, I missed the fact that we have a 3-way tie here!)
  • Things in the Green Park Division haven't changed, though. The standings remain solidly as Wilsons, Maddings, MySportsObsessions, GoBlues, and DiamondKings.
  • The only real change we have in the Leicester Division comes by way of PlayAtThePlates and Trhdds swapping places. So, that division looks like this: NachosGrandes, Superduperman99s, ScottCrawfordOnCards, Trhdds, PlayAtThePlates, and JediJeffs rounding things out.
  • Like Green Park, the Oxford Circus teams remain in the same positions: CaptainCanucks, ProwlingCats, PatWs, Chonks, and Erins.
Looking at the Wordpress League:
  • Punto Obelisco keeps things steady as the Dawgbones stretch into a 12-game lead over RJBreezes. Finishing up the division, we have PTownToms, Pedersejs, Jafronius, and TSHensons.
  • Teams in the Lillywhites Division also stay the course: Hadsalls, Thorzuls, GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s.
  • Not to be ones to rock the boat in Wordpress, Bakerloo Division teams maintain their positioning as well: Kazis, Quarrys, BCs, Jennings, and PatrickSmiths.
  • Caring Cross bucks the trend, sending its teams all over the place. The Workmans topple BoRosnys for the lead. BackstopCards hold on to their 3rd place position. But, Dayfs move up a notch, pushing Otakus down to 5th place. CaptainKirk42s remain in last here.
We're starting to see some movement within some of the divisions, but for the most part, we're on a steady pace. For some teams, that is not a good thing if they expect to make the playoffs later in the season.

Let's take a look at some of the league leaders:
  • Dave Orr takes over as with the best batting average (.410), ousting the long-time leader Adrian Gonzalez (.404).
  • Albert Pujols adds six homers (25) to take lead from Yoenis Cespedes who only managed to drive two more than he had previously (23).
  • Pujols adds 18 RBIs to his total to leapfrog over Cespedes and Beals Becker for the lead, knocking in 84 so far!
  • From the mound, Daniel Hudson comes out of nowhere to take the lead with 13 wins on the season, ousting Anibal Sanchez.
  • Koufax remains the undisputed ERA leader (1.23) on the season and appears to have no signs of stopping.
  • Toad Ramsey keeps racking up the K's and now has a league-leading 176 under his belt. That is a 12 more than his closest rival, Charlie Geggus.
The big news, however, is the announcement of the Pack-A-Daily Circus All-Stars!!

Want to see if your favorite player(s) made the cut?

Want to check out all the action, including box scores, etc for all the games?

Thanks for joining us today! We'll see you next time!


  1. can't get the links to open--says webpage not available??

  2. AT&T has had a MAJOR outage in south Arkansas, so until they fix it, you won't be able to reach the game info. :-(

  3. The real important news this week was this:
    Hosmer in Custody Battle Over Beloved Pet
    Friday, June 14th, 2013
    California JoshDs's first baseman, Eric Hosmer, is locked in an ugly custody battle for his weasel. Police were recently called to his house after he came home to discover it had been 'petnapped'. He and his ex-girlfriend have been trading increasingly insulting barbs through the media at one another since their break-up and Hosmer filed a police report and petitioned the court to order the pet be returned.

    "She was always a bit of a loose cannon," said California JoshDs teammate, Jamie Quirk. "But it is pretty surprising she would kidnap his pet. That's pretty low, even for her. Besides, she hated that thing."

  4. I see the made up all star voting is like the real all star voting. Absolutely random.
    I've been in 1st place all year and only have ONE all star?
    Cameron Diaz is hitting .360 and nothing... Chipper has 50 rbi's, Andruw 20 homers.... nothing.

    But Kimbrel with 17 saves and 1.30 ERA with 45 K's in 20 innings? Nothing.

    I got jobbed.