Thursday, June 26, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 PAD Circus Standings and the Giveaway Season Posted!

Let's talk OOTP Standings!

Unfortunately, I copied over the new stats before grabbing the old standings, so all I can do is report the current positions of the teams.

In the Blogger League:

PICADILLY DIVISION - The pack separated a bit as the FDNYs leap into first place, leading the Arpsmiths by 2 games and the Tribecards by 3 games. StealingHomes, JoshDs, and Night Owls fill in the rest of the division. Night Owls sit 13 games out of first place. What helped FDNYs jump to first? How about a current 8-game winning streak!

GREEN PARK DIVISION - The Wilsons head up this division, leading 3 games ahead of the Maddings and 6 games ahead of MySportsObsessions. The jaw-droppers come by way of the GoBlues, sitting 21 games out of first, and the DiamondKings who can't get things together yet and are holding out at 29 games behind the Wilsons.

LEICESTER DIVISION - Finding solid footing, the NachosGrandes have a 7-game lead over the Superduperman99s. The rest of the division sits with double-digit deficits: ScottCrawfordOncards - 13 behind, PlayAtThePlates - 15 behind, Trhdds - 16 behind, and the JEdiJeffs hit an 8-game slump to fall 26 games behind the leader.

OXFORD CIRCUS DIVISION - The team from Canada, CaptainCanucks, go 5-5 in their last 10 to secure an 8-game lead over the ProwlingCats. The Chonks and PatWs sit 15 and 16 games behind the leader, respectively, as the Erins lose their last 3 to fall 30 games behind the leader. Though that is the worst performace in the Blogger League, the Wordpress league will blow you away with their last-place teams.

Over in the Wordpress League, you'll want to be sitting down for this. Believe me.

PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION - The Dawgbones go 8-2 in their last 10, grabbing a 14-game lead over second-place RJBreezes. PTownToms, Pedersejs, and Jafronius each hit a 3-7 skid, causing them to fall to 19, 23, and 28 games behind the leader, respectively). The TSHensons? They are 36 games behind Dawgbones. What's worse? That isn't even the largest margin in this league!

LILLYWHITES DIVISION - Despite a 9-1 run from the GCRLs, they remain in 3rd place here. The Hadsalls lead the Thorzuls by 8 games. GCRLs are 13 games off, but lead the ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s. ThoughtsAndSox falls to 20 games out of first, and the EG9460s? Well, they currently hold the record for the worst deficit in the league - 43 games out of first place. They are 12-28 at home and 11-31 away. It's not pretty.

BAKERLOO DIVISON - The Quarrys, BCs, and Jennings all managed to go 7-3 in their last ten games, but it isn't enough to pull ahead of the Kazis who hold a 12-game lead over the Quarrys, a 14 game lead over BCs and a 23 game lead over the Jennings. The PatrickSmiths bring up the rear with the lowest PCT in the league: just .220, trailing the Kazis by 37 games.

CARING CROSS DIVISION - Unlike much of the rest of the league, the Workmans lead the BoRosnys by just 2 games. From there, things fall apart. The BackstopCards are 17 games behind, Dayfs are 18 games away, the Otakus sit 20 games out, and the CaptainKirk42s drag along from being 28 games off the lead.


In other news, I *finally* have been able to post the Giveaway league results. I truly had no idea that the giveaway actually had a slew of minor leagues in addition to the major league. No wonder it was such a huge repository!

Here is the link to the Major League. You can use the "HOME" button to view EVERYTHING!

Enjoy the info!

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