Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tribecards from Outerspace: UPDATED DRAFT

Hey everyone! I should have known better than to try and rush a draft yesterday. As many of you discovered, a whole slew of players (namely those from the 2013 box break) were left off the draft.

Well, I have a plan to make it up to you.  I have updated the draft list and I am expanding the draft to include TWENTY picks. That's right, you can choose up to 20 players to try and draft.

Managers, you have a choice:

1. Leave your current draft picks as they are and call it good.


2. Fill out the NEW, UPDATED draft form and have those picks override your previous selections.

The old form is now closed. If you filled out the old 8th Draft Form, your selections will be used in the upcoming draft unless you fill out the new form.  If you fill out the new form, your old entries are automatically replaced with your new ones. 

My apologies for the mix-up.

Here is the UPDATED Draft Form with 20 picks:


  1. Hey...FYI, you still have Cliff Pennington on the draft and I grabbed him last week. Just letting you know...keep up the great work!

    1. Gotcha squared away! Thanks for the heads up. Though, I am not so sure "great work" describes it! Haha!