Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: That's My Boy!

Tonight, the Prescott, Arkansas, Athletic Department held their annual awards and Recognition Ceremony. My son received his 2nd year Letterman's jacket, was named "Most Improved Ballplayer" and snagged an All-District Honorable Mention! His Mother and I are incredibly proud of him!!


Tonight is a "Two-for-Tuesday" pack-buster!  First up, 2001 Topps Chrome. 4 cards per pack.

Mike Hampton - Mets - FREE AGENT
Armando Rios - Giants - FREE AGENT
Phil Dumatrait (Red Sox) and Adam Wainwright (Braves) - Draft Picks - FREE AGENT/KerryBiggs
Scott Heard (Rangers) and David Parrish (Yankees) - FREE AGENT/FREE AGENT

Well, we almost had a winner. We'll have to wait and see if Kerry gets the card at the end of the season or if someone else ends up with the Dumatrait/Wainwright combo.

The next pack is 2006 Tri-Star Prospects Plus Inaugural Edition. 5 cards per pack. Since I can scan all the cards in both packs at one time, I will post the full scan after this break.

Cliff Pennington - Kane County Cougars - FREE AGENT
Philip Hughes Protential - Trenton Thunder - FREE AGENT
Jonny Ash - Corpus Christi Hooks - FREE AGENT
Pedro Beato - Aberdeen Ironbirds - FREE AGENT
Gabriel Martinez - Montgomery Biscuits - FREE AGENT

Really? Hooks? Biscuits!? And, yes, the mascot really is/was a biscuit... Wow. That is certainly a new one on me.


  1. Congrats to all ! And thanks for the cards and wrappers !

    1. You are VERY welcome! I hope the cards made it okay. I was afraid they might have gotten bent. Ouch. I should probably see if you have a "wrappers needed" list instead of just sending you everything I open, but I figure it is more fun this way - well, for me anyway! Haha!

  2. Dude, I LOVE the Biscuits-been to several Biscuits games. Have never heard of Martinez till now, but I know who's going first in my draft this week!