Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Carlos Santana Mystery: SOLVED!

Thanks to the memory and/or sleuthing skills of IrishTribeFan, the Carlos Santana mystery has been solved! Back in the 2nd draft (not the free agent one, the one where we added more people to our picks), IrishTribeFan picked Carlos Santana but it was marked RED instead of green. Or, at least that's the best I can figure at this point.

As best as I can figure, no one else had picked Santana - not even me, d'oh! Or, if they had, it was AFTER IrishTribeFan's place in the draft.

Therefore, IrishTribeFan gets Carlos Santana cards, and that player will not be in next week's draft.

I appreciate the follow-up and double-checking! That should not happen in the future because I have since changed the way I do the drafts, but things can fall between the cracks.  If you notice something not quite right, please let me know so I can check into it and get it fixed, if it needs fixing.  This is a perfect example.

Later today, I'll bust open a pack or two!

Thanks for playing along and keeping me straight!

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