Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tribecards Free Agent Draft #5

Hey everyone!  I've run the draft for the week, and the results are shown here.  I have a much better grasp on the collapsing snake draft, so all drafts will be run that way from now on. This ensures that every manager gets at least a first-round pick assuming they ultimately pick a name someone before them hadn't. Trust me, that is a huge assumption. As you will see by looking at the results, the random selection order runs the show...

The list of names after being run though's list randomizer. I was shocked to be first! Wahoo!

Here is the spreadsheet of picks, randomized before the draft starts:

And here is the aftermath. Man, going first in the draft didn't help me much... Then again, it looks like a lot of us picked many of the same players. Ouch:

On the upside, almost everyone got somebody. The shut-outs basically picked only a couple players and the lords of the dice got them locked out in the first round. This is where even a collapsing snake can't save the day.

Here is the updated manager/player list.


  1. Man! Who knew that Kyler Burke would be such a hot pick? Four managers picked him in the first round, including me.

    1. No kidding! I even tried to pick some players I figured no one else would want, just so I could start snagging up cards. You see how well that worked out for me! I may have to start bottom-feeding just to get cards. Haha!