Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The reality of fantasy

Week 1 - Tribecards Turfdiggers Break Out Shovels Early - The Turfdiggers fantasy football team in the Super Secret League fell to the Outlaws in the first week of NFL action.  Overall, the Turfdiggers sit in 7th place, barely edging out the Foxhounds to remain above last place.

Where did the team go wrong?  For starters, Big Ben blew chunks. Three interceptions and two lost fumbles killed the Turfdiggers chances of anything good from the field commander spot.  Mike Wallace fared well, but Heath Miller was essentially taken out because of the turnovers.  That's what I get for loading my team up with Steelers (or anyone team) I suppose. I also did not activate certain players who would have made this an entirely different first week.  Benched players included: BenJarvis Green-Ellis (7.70), Kenny Britt (18.80), and Josh Freeman (10.28). Sure, Freeman did not have a great game either, but still blew Benny out of the water this week.

On the upside (that is, what kept me out of last place), Greg Jennings (10.45), Ahmad Bradshaw (8.70), and Anquan Boldin (9.70) kept the Turfdiggers out of the six-foot hole being dug by the rest of the team.  Defensively, Chicago scored more points for the team than any of the players (24.00).

It's time for some changing in Turfdiggerton.

In the Turner Football League, the Divebombers ended up just shy of middle ground for the first week.  The TFL is unlike any other league I've played: two divisions, choose actual defensive players as well as a team defense, and other scoring-related differences.  I don't understand it all, but then again that never really stopped me from jumping into something.

The Divebombers' biggest issue: player selection. I missed the live draft, so I was not able to keep my team from having key players picked off before I could stop the bleeding.  Sure, I ended up with a couple good uns, but much of the team is comprised of players who will most likely never see the light of day.  Hopefully that will change over time as other teams dump players I can snag up.

On the upside, Cutler (55.00), Rice (41.00), and Tolbert (32.00) racked up really positive points.  Okay, just pulling out the alliteration there for effect. It was a bit a much, I know.  In other leagues, anyone snagging double-digits are highlight reel material for me.  In this one, nearly everyone playing for the Divebombers grabbed double digits.  I'll learn how that plays out over time.

The best thing I can say is that my benched players were non-existent.  Between the five benched players, they scored a whopping 12.00 points.  Whew! Of the options I had, I made the right choice.  That's the best you can do, right?

Okay, so defensively, Pittsburgh scored 50.00 points. I need to compare that to other teams just to see how that fits in line with things in general. It sounds good to me, but for all I know, in this league 50 points is the equivalent of last place. I dunno. Will check it out.  I also had two empty slots on the defensive team. That was just an oversight on my part and the players I ended up with would not have contributed all that much.

So, in the TFL, the Divebombers are in 9th out of 14 teams.  In my division, the team sits in 5th place of seven.

No matter how you cut it, the Divebombers did better than the Turfdiggers.  Let's see what happens next week!

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