Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting All Card Up

Over past few days, I have received two bubbleopes of goodness!  One came from The Daily Dimwit from the "Artifacts, etc" group break and the other came from Baseball Dad!

From the Artifacts break, the Indians snagged more than a handful of game-used/auto cards!!

First up, Jake Westbrook SILVER LIMITED game-used and a Cliff Lee auto:

Next, we have a nice dark blue game-used V-Mart and a gray Broussard, each on an AL ARTIFACTS card:

Then, how about another Westbrook, only this time it is the 'regular' game-used, along with a Broussard game-used:

I had watched the breaks happen, but still, the actual number of 'hits' the Indians came away with just floored me.  Of course, that wasn't all in the package.  I pulled several copies of the Artifacts Hafner and Martinez cards, a Sizemore Timeline, a Sizemore Timeline b/w, Hafner and Sabathia Heroes cards, and a couple O-Pee-Chees to boot:

But, wait! There's more!  How about a few Masterpeices: Clinton throws first pitch, Hafner, and V-Mart.  Even cooler is the green-bordered V-Mart! Sweet!  Then, Hafner on an X and a SP Authentic Sizemore:

VERY cool Tribers, Dimwit!! Thanks for holding the break and for inviting me to play along!

Then, I was 'forewarned' about the package from Baseball Dad, but having it in-hand is waaaayyyy better!  He sent a 2011 Topps Sticker "Starter Pack" - an album and two unopenepacks, plus a Carlos Santana extra he had.  Here is what was in the packs:

I am going to enjoy putting these (er the ones I need) into my album!  The reason I had the warning, or alert, or had the beans spilled as it were: Because I had posted that I finally found stickers at my "local" Target.  Thing is - I didn't know that Jack had been planning to surprise me with this Starter Pack.  Even so, I have to say, I was just as excited about getting these as when I first found the stickers in Target.

What is it about these Topps stickers that has everyone (or everyone that I've seen/read anyway) jumping for joy like little kids?  I dunno, but I am right there with ya!

THANKS to Jack for the Stickers and album!! Wahoo!

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