Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tribe or No Tribe

Last week, I ran into the local Fred's to pick up some party supplies for my wife's surprise get together.  While in there, I noticed they had moved their trading cards to the end of the toy aisle.  Naturally, I picked up a pack or three or maybe it was a repack blaster. It's all a little fuzzy now.

One pack was a 2008 Goudey, which I had planned to use in a group break. But, like most addicts, I couldn't just let the thing sit around and wait on me to make up my mind.  It called out, "TonT! TonT!"

So, I ripped it open.  Here we go:

2008 Goudey - 8 cards per pack (need 4 points to bat .500):

Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) - +0.5 points, total = 0.5
Manny Ramirez (Red Sox) - +0.5 points, total = 1.0
Jay Bruce (Reds, TRAP!) - -1.0, total = 0.0

Russell Martin (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Brad Penny (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 1.0 (Seriously!? How many Dodgers can be in ONE pack!?)
Jim Thome (White Sox, BONUS!) - +1, total = 2.0

Chris Duncan (Cardinals) - +0.5, total = 2.5
David Wright (Mets, Game Card) - +0.5, total = 3.0

Well, the Thome was a great addition and the only saving card I had against the Bruce Reds card!  I finished up at 3.0, which is below .500 for the pack.  I think I may need to bust another pack and try again... 

Okay, you twisted my arm hard enough.  This time, I am busting open a 2007 Goudey.  Let's see if I do any better...

2007 Goudey, 8 cards per pack, need 4.0 points to bat .500 on the break:

Aaron Rowand (Red back, Phillies) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Aramis Ramirez (Red back, Cubs) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Rickie Weeks (Red back, Brewers) - +0.5, total = 1.5

Juan Pierre (Red back, Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Aaron Rowand (Green back, Phillies) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Aramis Ramirez (Green back, Cubs) - +0.5, total = 3.0

Michael Barrett (Green back, Padres) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Freddy Sanchez (Green back, Pirates) - +0.5, total = 4.0

There we have the second pack.  I managed to bat .500, which is nice, but absolutely no hits for the Tribecards collection.  Then again, no traps, either.


  1. I didn't know Fred's had baseball cards. I'll have to stop by next time I'm near my aunt's house.

  2. The one here used to have one of those free-standing spinning racks then they took it out. I had assumed they quit selling cards. Turns out they just moved them. The cards are generally repacks - blister packs, boxes, and the like. But, hey, they're cards, right!?