Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1989 Major League Movie Cards - Another Update

Many of you that follow along regularly know that one of the hardest sets to come by in the Indians world is the 1989 Major League movie cards.  At this point, I know of THREE people that own the set of eleven cards.   I posted my first known evidence of the set back in January of 2010: http://www.tribecards.net/2010/01/major-league-movie-cards-found.html
One question I get about the set most often: What are they worth?
Well, the only time I have ever seen the set listed in a copy of 2003 Beckett Baseball Almanac:

Complete set (11 cards) - $15 (all prices are for Mint)
1 - Tom Berenger - 2.00
2 - Corbin Bernsen - 2.50
3 - James Gammon - 1.00
4 - Dennis Haysbert - 1.00
5 - Andy Romano - 1.00
6 - Chelcie Ross - 1.00
7 - Charlie Sheen - 2.50
8 - Wesley Snipes - 4.00
9 - Steve Yeager - 1.50
10 - Charlie Sheen, Haysbert, Berenger, Snipes - 2.00
11 - Romano, Gannon, Yeager - 1.00

As always, the listed "book value" has little to no bearing on actual value.  In the world of collectibles, something is always worth what someone else is willing to pay.

There have been several requests from folks that want to buy the set.  I am at the top of the list!  If you own the set (or happen to have multiple sets and are willing to part with one or more), feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (davidinark/yahoo).  I'd love to talk about buying a set from you!

*Note: The values listed above are just from that Almanac and have no bearing on what I (or others) are willing to pay, so don't let those numbers hold you back.  In fact, we might be able to work out a Tribecards-Exclusive auction/bidding war!  Now, that would be fun!

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  1. I have a complete set. Realistically, a cash offer for my set would be what? I see those numbers by Beckett and scratch my head because I know people that would easily pay 3 digits for the set. Another 20 years and who knows how high of an offer I might be receiving? I would part with mine but it would need to be a very aggressive offer.