Monday, July 4, 2011

New Indians eTopps card!

I have been a fan of eTopps since 2002.  Why not before that? Because I was an idiot and misunderstood the concept of eTopps. In my defense, I had been heavily into the CyberAction digital cards at the time (or near that time) and I thought Topps was doing the same thing (that is, digital-format cards).

Any way, eTopps usually takes holidays off from releasing new cards (which never made sense to me because, I mean how hard is it to launch new trading cards that you already have all the info? I digress. Often), but today, they released a Lonnie Chisenhall card.

I am not a big fan of the design this year, and I miss the long-gone days of the eTopps logo being glued to the front of the card. To me, it was one of the things that separated the set from others.  Of course, that was when there was actual competition for baseball card makings. You know, like two years ago or so...

Well, Chisenhall made his MLB debut about a week ago and went 2-for-4 with an RBI. I just hope he can avoid the injuries that seem to be plaguing the Indians this season.

The IPO for this is 6 bucks. No thanks.  I'll wait for the price of his card to drop off, then pick it up in the aftermarket.  After all, isn't that what eTopps is all about?


  1. I saw the card this morning and thought about buying it. Then I thought twice and decided to use the $6 to buy 10 other etopps cards on ebay. Give it awhile and it'll be .99.

  2. Exactly! When I was into eTopps big time, I actually fell into the trap of buying one of the RROs for $149. DUH...