Sunday, July 10, 2011

10,039 hits and counting!

If you are a regular reader, you know that my main desktop computer crashed a bit ago.  Luckily, I keep my card database on our media server.  Even better, once I reinstalled CardCollector 7.0 on my machine, I was able to pull up my card collection.

Fast forward to today.  After watching the USA Women's Soccer Team win the round against Brazil, I decided to enter some of the cards I still have in boxes.  These are cards that I've received as trades, gifts, and through purchases that have yet to be entered (or compared to) my database collection.  I managed to get through most of one box, which leaves the rest of that one plus at least 3 others I have stacked in the ol' home office.

Now, I said all of that to say this: THANK YOU!  I know I gush like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert when I get cards in the mail, and I try my best to thank everyone that sends cards my way, but I have to say that the cards I am going through now have *ALL* been picked from the last want list I had posted (more than a year old, I'm afraid).  Okay, not ALL of them, but nearly all of them, and the ones not from the want list have come from the lack of being on my OWNED list.  You guys ROCK! 

I have now broken through the 10,000 non-duplicated Indians item mark!  Most of my collection consists of cards, but there are non-card items as well: schedules, tickets, a house key, some Indians-related scrapbook stickers, handmade greeting cards from readers and friends, etc.

It is only by the amazing card community found online that I have been able to grow my collection from about 4500 cards just a couple years ago to the 10,039 it is right now.  Maybe I shouldn't be so blown away by that, but I grew up in a time when the only trading going on came in the way of local friends who happened to pick up a few packs at the Dairy store down the road or where I could take a trip to the hobby store down the road from my grandparents in Cleveland (Lakewood, really, but who's counting?).

Here is to everyone that's helped get this far and I'm looking forward to growing my collection in the years to come! THANKS!

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