Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last calls for Oddballs!

Okay, folks, this is it. This is "last call" for anyone thinking about jumping on the 4-buck oddball break bandwagon! I still have several teams open for claiming here.

Remember, any unclaimed teams get shared among those who joined in! Also remember that I am donating the "gift" you send to the Shannon Stone Memorial Fund in honor of his passing due to a fall at Rangers Stadium.

I will be busting the packs open on Saturday evening/night most likely.  I am seriously considering broadcasting the breaks live just because I foresee some goofiness going on with these oddball packs. And, well, goofy is my middle name.  Okay, not really. But it might as well be.

Atlanta Braves - Dayf (PAID in the closest thing to a fruit roll up method as I have ever seen! FTW!)
Baltimore Orioles - BRNW (PAID)
Boston Red Sox - AdamE (PAID or close enough to be counted)
Chicago White Sox - Jeff L (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Jon (PAID)
Cincinnati Reds - FanOfReds (PAID)
Cleveland Indians - Tribecards (HOST!)
Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros - Kiley B (PAID)
Kansas City Royals - Tim (PAID)
California Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers - Ernest (PAID)
Milwaukee Brewers - BRNW (PAID)
Minnesota Twins - BaseballDad (PAID)
New York Mets - BaseballDad (PAID)
New York Yankees - Ryan L (PAID)
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies - Jim (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates - Hiflew (PAID)
San Diego Padres - Jon W (PAID)
San Francisco Giants - Matthew R (PAID)
Seattle Mariners - BRNW (PAID)
St. Louis Cardinals - Tim (PAID)
Texas Rangers - BRNW (PAID)
Toronto Blue Jays - Duane (PAID)
Montreal Expos

Details about the break are here:


  1. I crud I forgot to pay. Sorry. Promise, getting it to you...

  2. I will jump in on the Astros if Kiley keeps running away or hiding... ;) haha!

  3. Haha! I will have to tell him he has competition for the Astros!

  4. Hay if the expos and A's are still available ill take both please thanks muchHay if the expos and A's are still available ill take both please thanks much

  5. Dominicfdny - I didn't see your request until I had done the break. I will set aside the A's and Expos for you. Please send a paypal gift asap to cover your teams.