Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Mail Day)^2 + TonT = Fun Tribecards Time!

Today was MAIL DAY!  Yeap, that's right, I **finally** pointed my Charger toward the Post Office and mailed off several bubbleopes I have been meaning to send off for weeks now!

And, today was MAIL DAY! I had a package from the good Cap'n himself, Capt Canuck from the Great White North!  Let's see what's inside:

First up, we have a great selection of Indians O-Pee-Chee cards from 1985!  Man, do these guys bring back some memories!

Then, we have a bunch of Panini stickers from 1989!  I don't know off-hand which ones I need, but I am pretty sure I don't have the Cleveland Stadium sticker. That is SWEET!

Rounding things out, how about a couple of Victor Martinez cards and a pack of 1990 Donruss cards!  Oh yeah, there will be some "Tribe or No Tribe" tonight!  In fact, that is coming up right after you look at these beauts:

Now, let's bust open this pack of Donruss for a little Tribe-or-no-Tribe action:

17 cards in the pack plus a puzzle piece. Par score = 9 points at 0.5 per card

Carl Yastrzemski puzzle piece. Well, I suppose that gets the base +0.5 score. Total = 0.05

Dave Stewart (A's) MVP card - +0.5 points, total = 1.0 point
Chad Kreuter (Rangers) - +0.5, total = 1.5 points
Willie McGee (Cardinals) - +0.5, total = 2.0 points

Felix Jose (A's) - +0.5, total = 2.5 points
Eric Show (Padres) - +0.5, total = 3.0 points
Gene Larkin (Twins) - +0.5, total = 3.5 points (Well, we are on par anyway)
Ricky Jordan (Phillies) - +0.5, total = 4.0 points
Gary Pettis (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 4.5 points
Rickey Henderson (A's) - +0.5, total = 5.0 points (Now, THAT is awesome. Period!)

Bill Doran (Astros) - +0.5, total = 5.5 points
Brad Komminsk (Indians - TRIBECARD!) - +2, total = 7.5 points

George Canale (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 8.0 points
Billy Ripken (Orioles) - +0.5, total = 8.5 points (no "error" here! That's just for Topps)

Chili Davis (Angels) MVP, +0.5, total = 9.0 points
Les Lancaster (Cubs), +0.5, total = 9.5 points
Jim Acker (Blue Jays), +0.5, total = 10.0 points

Ron Robinson (Reds - TRAP!) - -1 point, 9.0 total points

Aw, dawg. I thought I was going to have a big time with that Indians card, but then fate stepped in and tossed me a trap card!  Well, I still scored above par on this pack!  Al-in-all, a *GREAT* delivery from Captain Canuck!!  Thanks a bunch!!

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