Sunday, July 17, 2011

4-Buck Oddball Pack Break Update, of sorts

Hey everyone!  Well, we had a late entry into the fray: dominicfdny claimed the A's and the Expos late last night (in fact, my daughter and I had just finished the break when I saw his request).  Since he was not aware of the cards opened at the time, I am letting him in! Besides, it is all in fun and charity, right!?

The video is taking longer than expected to process, so I snagged a few quick picks with the ol' iPod for your enjoyment and to get those card-collecting salivary glands going!

Enjoy some samples of what was busted open late last night:

Topps DoubleHeaders:

Swell Baseball Greats:
 Topps Fold-outs Relief Aces:
 Topps Fold-outs Stolen Base Leaders:
 Topps Heads-Up (seriously one of the freakiest baseball card pics I've taken):
 Fleer Star Stickers:
 Topps Rubdowns:
 Various coins, pins and buttons:

I will get these sorted and mailed out over the next couple days.  Thanks again to EVERYONE that jumped into this fun group break!  When all is said and done, it looks like we had Angels and Tigers as the only unclaimed teams! That is fantastic!  Per the rules, I will divide those p and share the wealth among everyone as best I can.  Once the video is uploaded, I'll share the link with everybody, too.  It's about an hour long, but hopefully worth at least skimming through.

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