Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Various MSA Discs

I have a variety of MSA Disc cards in my collection.  At one time, I was trying to collect every kind of MSA disc ever made that featured an Indians player. I set that aside for a while.  As you can see above, some MSA discs have stars (some have 4 stars, others have a varying number from 1-4).  Some have a brand name (Crane chips, for example).  Even when the photo and info is the same (thre different Robinsons above) on the front for the most part, the backs could also have a variety of brands, images, or simply be blank:

I actually lived down the road from an Islay's when I was in 5th-10th grade in Western PA.  We went there all the time for "Chipped Ham" and ice cream.  Basically, it was a convience store before the term was coined, I think.  The American Professional Slo-Pitch League disbanded in 1980, shortly after these cards were printed.  I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

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