Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the road to 100

The Indians are on the road to 100.  Unfortunately, it's the road to 100 losses.  Currently sitting at 75 on the season, many fans are preparing for the worst.  Many blame Acta, most blame the Dolans.  The attendance for the last home game was under 12,000.  Injuries, trades, and plain out missing the fundamentals plague the Tribe this season.  Right now, the fans can only sit back and hope next season brings us better results.  Oh, and cross our fingers that the bleeding stops at 99 games.  Sure, it's semantics, but any negative round milestone is one we'd like to avoid.  Of course, stopping at 75 would be nice, too.

Come on TRIBE!!  Keep on working!  You really do have true-blue fans that love watching you play - no matter what the standings look like!! WAHOO!


  1. Dave-I like this post alot. I hope the Indians play hard the rest of the way avoid the century mark in losses. As I said before, it is us diehard fans that will stick by them through thick and thin. Sure it has been painful at times to watch them this year, but you know what, that is what you get when you are a tried and true fan like you and I. You cannot always have glory! Out of every pile of mud comes something beautiful and I will tell all those fair weather fans that when we get back to postseason baseball one of these days really soon.

  2. it would be pretty sad if the Cubs and Indians were in this "100 club"; a year to forget for both teams