Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glad I know Jack!

Baseball Dad contacted me a bit ago in response to the upcoming Kenny Lofton induction to the Indians Hall of Fame.  He said he was going and would shoot me a copy of the "BatterUp!" program from the game.  Jack is awesome like that (and I've got some stuff heading his way shortly, too!).

(If anyone knows where to download that stitched font, please let me know. I have looked and cannot find it. I know it is out there somewhere!)

Not only did he send me the program, Baseball Dad included a couple cards, too!

The first one is a 2008 Upper Deck Infield Power Ryan Garko:

And then he also tossed in a 2007 Fleer mini die cut Andy Marte:

I'm sending out a H-U-G-E "Thank You!" to Baseball Dad!!  He lets me live my dreams of watching the Tribe play in Cleveland vicariously through him!  He Rocks!


  1. Dave-
    I have a few things of the Indians that I hope to get out to you at some point. Just glad that you are an Indians. Many are turning their back on the Tribe this year, but it us faithful fans that will be with them always.


  2. Tim, I have been a fan for a long, long time. Even though things are rough right now, they still don't compare to the 80's. :-) And if the folks who were fans then (including me) can stick with them through that, then (as the song goes) "This Ain't Nothing"