Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lofton Induction Ceremony Tonight

Former Indians Superstar Kenny Lofton will be inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall-of-Fame at tonight's game.  The bobblehead above will be given out to attendees.  Lofton os one of the most beloved Tribers to wear a Wahoo.  Lofton came to the MLB in 1991 wearing an Astros uniform, but the next year was put in a Tribe uni where he spent then next five seasons before making a brief appearance with the Braves for one season.  After that, he came back to the Indians for four more seasons.  As with many Tribers, he bounced around the MLB with varioud other teams throughout his career.  Luckily for Indians fans, he finished out his career in 2007 with a return to greatness, giving the young ballplayers a clinic on batting, stealing, and being a "professional" on the field.

Lofton was a six-time All-star and served on the 1995 World Series team.

I believe he will find himself in the Baseball Hall of  Fame in the coming years for sure!  After all, he has an overall career batting average of  .299, 130 home runs, 781 RBIs, and a killer defensive glove.  Oh yeah, he also managed to steal 622 bases (netting a whopping 79.5% success rate) while he was at it.

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  1. Sweet bobblehead. Kenny played for the Dodgers for a year. I might have to pick one of those up on eBay this week.